About Techpower



TechPower was founded in 1994 by our CEO Glen Jones and CTO Chip Cantrell. Glen grew up in a farming community in Nebraska and Chip in the great outdoors of Alaska. Their very different backgrounds crossed and united in the Emerald City 30 years ago and they’ve been partners together in the NW IT reselling community ever since.


TechPower is built on small-town values of hard work, integrity and doing what it takes to get the job done right. TechPower was fortunate to become a supplier to Microsoft in 1994 and in that same summer, for a little-known startup company; Amazon.com The Online Bookseller. We are very proud to still count these 2 great iconic companies as current customers!


Through many years in the ever-changing world of technology, TechPower has built a strong unbreakable reputation and business through the long-term talent and expertise of our employees. A turning point for the company was approximately 10 years ago when TechPower became an exclusive HPE/HPI Platinum Partner and decided to become the NW experts on all Hewlett Packard has to offer. We are certainly now one of their most knowledgeable and experienced partners in the region and are trusted, tested and ready to assist you in building out your new digital transformation environment. Known for our fast, responsive and outstanding customer service, we will work hard every day to earn your business.

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